(Defence Medical Rehabilitation Unit)

The crest of the DMRC consists of a serpent constricting a sword that runs through a pair of shackles. The shackles represent injury. The sword is breaking the schakles of injury with the aid of the medical profession represented by the constricting serpent. The motto "Per Mutos" is Latin for mutual effort that is required to break the shackles of injury.


To provide clinical rehabilitation, training and personnel for the operational role and research in order to achieve optimal levels of health and fitness.


Located in the southern slopes of Epsom Downs and the one time home of The First Baron Cunliffe - formerly Govenor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the London and North Eastern Railway Company. Headley Court was purchased by the Institute of Chartered Auctioneers and Estate Agents who presented the estate to The Royal Air Force thro' the Air Ministry in 1946 to commemorate the Battle of Britain. During the war years Headley Court was the headquaters of The First Canadian Army firstly under General McNaughton and later under General Crerar. Soon after the war it became the rehabilitation centre for pilots and aircrew who had been injured during the war. Its role has changed somewhat and it is now functional to all three services in the rehibilitation of serving personnel who are undergoing recovery from injury or illness.

DMRC is undergoing further changes to ensure that rehabilitation is carried out earlier in the treatment cycle. Treatment of amputees and polytrauma patients are now a major part of the DRMC contribution to military healthcare.


Headley Court albeit a part of the Defence Medical Education and Training Agency still remains under the administrative umbrella of The Royal Air Force however, the command of the unit can be either Army, RAF or Navy on a rotational basis. Within the structure of DMRC are medical & rehabilitation divisions that cater for the needs of patients, a training and research element to improve military rehabilitation needs and a support division that is solely responsible for the smooth running of the unit.

For further information contact DMRC Headley Court, Headley, Epsom, Surrey
01372 378271

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